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Trafalgar Law

Trafalgar Law (トラファルガー・ロー Torafarugā Rō?) is the captainand doctor of the Heart Pirates, a pirate crew from the North Blue. On top of being one of eleven pirates who have been referred to as "The Eleven Supernovas", he became one of the Shichibukai during the timeskip. Law, like many other pirates, dreams of finding One Piece. During the timeskip, his bounty increased from Beli200,000,000 to Beli440,000,000, before it was frozen.
Before Timeskip
Anime Trafalgar Law Post Timeskip Infobox
After Timeskip

Japanese Name:トラファルガー・ロー
Romanized Name:Torafarugā Rō
English Name:Trafalgar Law
First Appearance:Chapter 498; Episode 392
Affiliations:Heart Pirates; Shichibukai;Donquixote Pirates (formerly)
Epithet:Surgeon of Death (死の外科医Shi no Gekai?)
Japanese VA:Hiroshi Kamiya
Age:24 (debut)
26 (after timeskip)
Birthday:October 6
Height:191cm (6'3") (debut)
Bounty:Formerly Beli Small440,000,000

Devil Fruit
Japanese Name:Ope Ope no Mi
English Name:Op-Op Fruit


Law is a slim man of a relatively tall height. As for his facial features, he has faint shadows right under both of his gray eyes, and his mouth is usually seen in a smile. He has dark blue hair (black in the anime), a majority of which is obscured, save for his sideburns and small black goatee by the northern-style fur hat that Law wears, which is white and has spots on the bottom and along the rim.
He is seen wearing a black-sleeved yellow hoodie with his Jolly Roger out on the front of his chest and the sleeves rolled up. Law also sports a pair of jeans with odd markings on both the knee and ankle areas, similar to the ones on his hat, but darker in color, and a pair of dark, pointed shoes. He also sports a pair of small earrings on each ear.
He has many tribal-style tattoos on his arms; on his left hand, in particular, are the letters DEAT, and H tattooed in black on each of the back of his fingers. Originally in the manga, only his thumb was not tattooed, with the letter A missing. Later on, all of his fingers were tattooed complete with all five letters. He also has a black cross on the back of his right hand.
As a child, Law had his fur hat and his faint shadows right under his eyes, but wore a labcoat with a tie and black shorts; he was depicted by Oda holding a scalpel on his right hand and a frog on his left hand, probably meaning that he had the aspiration of becoming a surgeon since childhood.
In Oda's depiction of the Supernovas post-timeskip, he seems to have lost the fur rim of his hat and replaced it with a bill, turning it into something that vaguely resembles a baseball cap. He also now wears a yellow t-shirt similar in appearance to his old sweatshirt with a black jacket over the shirt. On Punk Hazard, Law wears his post-timeskip hat with a long black coat with his crew's jolly roger along the hem and on the sleeve. He wears black boots as well. His goatee has also become somewhat scruffier. His right hand now also has the fingers tattooed.


LawMangaLaw Post PHKidLawLaw no hatLaw's FingersLaw bounty


He's an insane man who sent the hearts of 100 pirates to HQ in order to become a Shichibukai!! He's a creep!!
— G-5 Marine
Law is an extremely laid-back character, who is nearly always seen calmly smiling. The only times he is shown not smiling was when he is incredibly shocked, explaining something to other people, frowning in deep thought, or deeply embarrassed such as when Chopper was tied on his head due to him being unable to walk. He also has a more reckless attitude when faced against other pirates that the World Government has labeled as a higher threat. For example, he casually asked X Drake how many people he had slain in his very first appearance, and had no qualms about flipping off Eustass Kid, the most wanted Supernova on the archipelago, even smiling defiantly when doing so.
However, he hates being ordered around, as evidenced of his frown and following reply when Kid told him andMonkey D. Luffy to stay back as he would hold off the attacking Marines. He is, however, capable of knowing when he and his immediate crew are in a pinch, and is not above resorting to forging brief alliances with rivals for survival. He speaks in a politely sarcastic manner. He appears to be honorable enough to refuse taking credit that is due to others. This is seen when he replied to Jean Bart that his gratitude is also deserved by Luffy when the former slave offered his gratitude to the pirate captain.
Law has displayed a more competitive side about him in the anime where he, along with Kid and Luffy, got into a childish argument about who gets to take down the marines stationed just outside the Human Auction House when the three Supernovas came out to confront them. Although, this might be because he was a little angry at Kid for trying to order him around. In contrast, he does not seem as eager to reach the New World as the other Supernova crews are, believing that One Piece will still be there regardless while the other crews fight amongst themselves, and that he needs to steal the throne properly. He then began an as-of-yet unseen mission to achieve Shichibukaistatus, and allow him much more freedom to do as he pleases in his journey through the New World on the way to One Piece.
Weaklings can't pick their way of death.
— Law to Tashigi
Law also appears to have a sense of honor (or at least respect for those he sees as potential rivals in the future), which is seen when he appears at Marineford and claims he will help Luffy, because it would be too lame if his future enemy were to die. He was also appalled when he heard that Caesar subjected the kids on Punk Hazard to drugs.This is in stark contrast to what most people seemed to think about him, since Scratchmen Apoo claimed that Law was infamous for his cruelty, and one of Smoker's men claimed he cut out the hearts of one hundred pirates and sent them to the government in order to gain the position of Shichibukai. Law has displayed a cruel side, offering to strike Tashigi yet again after already vivisecting her body in half. He also suggested to leave the kids on Punk Hazard behind, as they were too much of a burden to deal with.
Despite Law's terse and rather cruel demeanor towards others, he has shown to have some measure of compassion, such as how he decided to help the Straw Hats find a cure for the children affected by Caesar's drugs on them even though he originally did not want to have anything to do with them. He also warned the Straw Hats to be careful of Caesar's ability, and told those who did not have the ability to engage Logias to stay away.
Law is also very blunt when responding to people. Such occasions include when Ivankov asked if Law was a friend of Luffy, to which he replied no, and even offered to make an excuse to make Ivankov feel better about him saving Luffy. Soon after, a wounded Jinbe went to thank him, only for Law to reply that Jinbe would die if he did not sleep. Later when Jinbe asked what would happen to Luffy if he was allowed to run rampant while still wounded, Law replied that the outcome was simple: Luffy's wounds would open up and he would die. He also has no qualms explaining to other people on how he accomplished nullifying their attacks with his abilities, and before that, even stated to Tashigi that weaklings do not get the right to choose the manner in which they die.
He dislikes bread.



He is very open to new crewmates when he asks the ex-slave pirate captain Jean Bart to join. It has been shown that his crew admires Law and has respect for him, as they abide by his orders regardless of what they are. He also has a bear crew member Bepo, who is a master of martial arts. He and Bepo seem to have a close relationship, as Bepo does not object to Law reclining on his soft body. Law also lets him carry his nodachi around for him.
Law met the pirate captain-turned slave Jean Bart right after parting ways with both Luffy and Kid during theTenryuubito Incident, where rather than heading immediately back to the Heart Pirates vessel, Law instead retreated back to the Auction House where Jean Bart was, and with his World Noble masters put out of action, Law invited Bart to be part of his Crew, to which the latter immediately agreed, expressing his gratitude, with Law only replying that he should give half his thanks towards Luffy. He appears to be quite loyal towards his liberator, executing any command Law may issue to the best of his ability.


World Government

Before the timeskip, Law was considered an enemy of the World Government since he is pirate who battled a large number of Marines and a Pacifista at Sabaody Archipelago and rescued Monkey D. Luffy, a nefarious pirate at large, at the climax of the Battle of Marineford. However, after Law gave the hearts of a hundred pirates to the government, they enlist him into the Shichibukai and they seem willing to overlook the fact that Law fought alongside Luffy at Sabaody Archipelago and later helped him escape the Marineford War.
As one of the Shichibukai, Law is an ally of the Government. As such, he has special privileges to do as he pleases without the Marines attempting to arrest him. Like many other Shichibukai, he is not afraid of disobeying the government for his own convenience as he entered Punk Hazard with full awareness of it being off-limits in order to use Dr. Vegapunk's laboratory and has no qualms in killing Marines if they get in his way so long as it remains unknown.
He openly battled the Marines at Punk Hazard, as well as allowing Luffy to escape the clutches of Vice AdmiralSmoker, despite being a Shichibukai at that point. Law cooperated with Caesar Clown, an enemy of the Marines, so he could get a better chance of crippling the production of SAD. He later forms an alliance with the Straw Hat Pirates to dethrone one of the YonkoKaido.From the other side, Law seems to be knowledgeable enough of the World Government’s attempts to mutate people into giants, so that they can use them to create an army.
Even though his alliance with Luffy has been made known to the world, the World Government has yet to take any action against him.

Monkey D. Luffy

Luffy and law
Law and Luffy together.
Law first encountered Monkey D. Luffy in the Human Auctioning Housewhere the latter gained his attention after striking down a Tenryuubito in front of everyone. Law, like Kid, could only smile at Luffy's defiance of the consequences. He seems to have some respect for Luffy, as shown after defeating the Marines outside the Human Auction House. Also, he and his crew traveled to Marineford during the Battle of Marineford to assist with Luffy's escape, and then later administered medical treatment to Straw Hat. As he said, while Luffy would one day be his enemy, an enemy relationship is still a relationship and that it would be a "damn shame" for Luffy to die at Marineford.
After the timeskip, Law, now one of the Shichibukai, claimed to Smoker that he would annihilate Luffy should he encounter him on Punk Hazard. After defeating Smoker, Law encounters Luffy again where the latter is pleasantly surprised to see Law despite being unaware of the full extent of Law's situation. When Luffy said how grateful he is, Law stated that he does not need to be thanked, as it was just a "spur of the moment" thing, and that as fellow pirates, the two of them still remain as rivals. In spite of his previous claims, he did not attack Luffy in any way and even told him where he can find his other crewmates. He also told Luffy they will meet again and that they both have something they want to get back.
Later, he helped Luffy save Nami from the Yeti Cool Brothers and proposed an alliance with Luffy to take down one of the Yonko. After specifying that he plans to overthrow Kaido, Luffy agrees, making their crews allies in a relationship (which Luffy perceives to be as practically a friendship) but Law sees as more of a professional agreement. Luffy often treats him very casual, like a good friend, something which Law usually frowns upon. Law has invested enough in this alliance, that despite it having nothing to do with their agreement he decided to help Luffy and his crew save the kids on Punk Hazard, even though he himself only viewed them as a burden. He also has a lot of faith in Luffy, as he asserted to Doflamingo that Luffy will capture Caesar without a problem.
Law does seem to have some doubts about Luffy's reliability and carefree attitude though. When Luffy sent Caesar flying, instead of capturing him, as he was supposed to, Law remarked that he knew he should not have formed an alliance with him and resorted to trying to capture Caesar himself. However, after Luffy puts his faith in Usopp and Nami to incapacitate the deranged scientist, which they do, he expresses satisfaction that Luffy upheld his end of their agreement. Later, he also objected to Luffy's decision to throw a party instead of leaving Punk Hazard, as he believed they were still vulnerable; though he still reluctantly joins and has stew with Smoker. Though Law indicates that he wished to 'use' Luffy when forming the alliance, due to the Straw Hats great unpredictability and ambition, the Shichibukai instead feels like the one being used.

Other Straw Hats

Law shocked
Law is mortified at the Straw Hats tying their catatonic reindeer-doctor to his head.
Several of the other Straw Hats do not trust Law and were against an alliance, particularly Usopp and NamiRobin supported Luffy's choice but also warned him about a possible betrayal. By contrast, Zoro approves of Law's goal to defeat one of the Yonko, while BrookSanji and Franky have accepted Luffy's decision.
He seems to have formed a neutral relationship with Chopper who in return seems to have a certain level of respect for Law, partly because the reindeer finds Law's Devil Fruit powers "cool", as seen when he used them to warp around Caesar Clown's laboratory. Later on Chopper called him a murderer though and feared that he 'cut apart' the kids, which Chopper mistook to mean that he had killed them.
Law tends to become either appalled or deadpan whenever the Straw Hats engage in their usual childish antics. However, despite his best efforts to keep them focused on their mutual goals, Law has been drawn into their carefree 'pace' and was shocked when he realized it.

Abilities and Powers

Law is a fearsome pirate who, along with most of his crew, proved resistant to Rayleigh's burst of Haki that took out almost everyone in the Auction house. Even Donquixote Doflamingo commented to his subordinates at Punk Hazard about Law's potential, comparing it to Luffy's, which Doflamingo witnessed himself during the war at Marineford two years ago; Vergo was only able to keep ahead of Law because he had the latter's heart at the time — a situation that immediately reversed after Smoker (reluctantly) helped Law to retrieve the organ. He is also apparently quite fearless, as he allowed several Marines to get within close-range of him on Sabaody Archipelago, despite being a long-range fighter. During their stay at Sabaody Archipelago, the Kid Pirates and Heart Pirates were caught in a battle with a Pacifista. The end of the battle was unseen, but since they reappear during the Marineford Arc, it can be assumed that they either defeated the Pacifista or managed to elude it. Kizaru mentioned that the Heart Pirates did a good job at running away.
Trafalgar Law is shown to be a very crafty and opportunistic leader, even for a successful pirate captain and a former "Supernova"; despite being regarded as one of the most powerful pirates of his generation, Law was the only one of the group to voluntarily rest in the "Paradise" half of the Grand Line for at least a couple months, rather than immediately enter the treacherous New World region, indicating a great deal of caution and tactical mentality. He also demonstrated this by replacing a lot of the seastone chains on Punk Hazard with steel ones and came up with a plan to quickly and stealthily escape from the cage he was trapped in. He was able to make a plan to retrieve the substance known as SAD, and his only miscalculation was Vergo, a man who was able to beguile the entire Marine organization, including the observant Smoker.
Some time during the timeskip, Law has become so powerful and infamous that even the ruthless Marines of G-5 were deeply afraid of him. He had gained a bounty that surpasses Luffy's current one, and then brought a hundred pirates' hearts to the World Government, earning him a position in the Shichibukai. Law was able to battle and eventually defeat Smoker, a Marine vice admiral and a Logia user without getting himself seriously injured. He also defeated Vergo in one move, while before in the past was unable to even harm him.

Physical Abilities

In addition to his Devil Fruit, Law has sufficient physical strength and tactical prowess to duel on equal terms against Smoker and his jitte. In addition, despite Caesar saying that the Yeti Cool Brothers are quite powerful, Law managed to dispatch one of them with relative ease. He has also displayed great endurance, as he had his heart directly crushed to the point where he lost consciousness, only to recover shortly afterwards. In addition, he was also capable of enduring a prolonged beating from Vergo which resulted in him becoming severely bloodied before defeating him in a single blow once Smoker had retrieved his heart.

Medical Expertise

Law surgery
Law prepares to perform surgery on Luffy and Jinbe, as seen in the anime.
He has earned the nickname "Surgeon of Death" due to his surgical skills in addition to his formidable combat abilities. He appears to be considerably skilled as a doctor, as he was able to treat Luffy and Jinberight after both of them barely escaped a murderous Akainu that left them on the brink of death. The mere fact that he was able to stabilize Jinbe's condition strongly hints that Law's medical expertise is not limited to human anatomy alone (though human and fishmen share the same blood, so it is possible that they have similar anatomies). He later volunteers to find a cure for the children's condition at Punk Hazard, implying that he is also versed in pharmacology. The fact he was able to cure the children of Caesar's deadly NHC10 drug, though not completely, is a noteworthy feat, something Chopper was amazed by.


Law is stated by Luffy to have Haki. The extent of his ability in using it has not been revealed, but as he asserted himself as one of the people capable of battling Caesar Clown, it is safe to assume that he can at least useBusoshoku Haki. During his fight with Smoker, Law was shown capable of bypassing the vice-admiral's Logia defenses thanks to his own Haki powers.

Devil Fruit

Shambles 399
Law using "Room: Shambles" on some Marines.
Law is the user of a Devil Fruit called the Ope Ope no Mi, which allows him to create a spherical territory of light blue aura. In this territory, he is capable of separating and spatially displacing anything and everything inside (including himself), referred to as that he can "operate" on anything within the spherical "operating room". Easily among the most versatile Devil Fruits around, with his powers, Law is easily capable of causing mass havoc within the area he controls. He can also use it for teleportation purposes. He has also demonstrated being able to apply his ability for medical purposes, as seen when he cured the giant children from their addiction brought by Caesar's drugs.
Law appears to have mastered his power to such a great extent, that he can even cut through someone who completely imbued their body in Haki.
The weakness of the technique seems to be the concentration required to use it; Law must gesture with his hands to centralize the effects upon its victims, which can allow an opening for a fast enough opponent, such as Vergo. The full extent of this ability remains unknown at this time. Other than that, he has the same standard weaknesses as all Devil Fruit users.


Law's offensive abilities lie in his swordsmanship, demonstrated by his expert use of a sword about as tall as he is, though he is seen being able to defend himself without it by using his Devil Fruit abilities. In contrast to the ranged slashes of traditional swordsman, Law’s sword slashes don’t travel but simply provide the cutting effect while his spatial manipulation within his Room provides the range. He can dismember people without harming them and attach separated parts in any manner he sees fit.
His proficiency is enough that he was able to clash against Smoker's Nanashaku Jitte with little trouble, and combined with his Devil Fruit powers he has repeatedly shown being able to mutilate people faster than they can react, apparently defeating Kin'emon in this manner. He also was able to quickly defeat Tashigi, a skilled swordswoman of the Marines, severing her sword in two, as well as taking down Scotch and his giant knife in one swift move.
His greatest swordsmanship feat shown so far was upon defeating Vergo, where the wake of his slash was capable of cutting apart Caesar's laboratory and the surrounding mountains.


Law with his nodachi.
Law's choice of weapon is a large version of the typical Japanese sword type known asnodachi.
He appears to be quite skilled with it, being able to slice up targets from a distance (although this effect is attributed to his Devil Fruit power).
It is a large sword with an oblong-shaped hand-guard coated with short white fur, sheathed in a black scabbard decorated by white crosses from the opening to the bottom, and with a small piece of red rope tied near its opening.
Due to its size, Law usually carries this sword over his shoulder (in contrast to the other sword-wielding characters in the series, who either carry theirs on their hips or over their backs); yet in other times, he delegates one of his crewmates (namely Bepo) to carry this sword for him.

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Bacalah …

BERSYUKUR lah kalian yang memiliki kedua orang tua yang paham akan Agama ISLAM dan BerIman. Dan MALU lah kalian jika kalian tidak mau beriman sebagaimana kedua orang tua kalian beriman. Jangan permalukan kedua orang tua kalian yang beriman itu hanya karna ketidak beriman-nan kalian itu!

BERSABAR lah kalian yang memiliki kedua orang tua yang tidak paham akan Agama ISLAM dan tidak BerIman. Dan BANGGA lah kalian yang mau belajar berIman walaupun kedua orang tua kalian tidak berIman. Wajib lah bagi kalian untuk membantu kedua orang tua kalian yang tidak berIman itu agar mau belajar untuk berIman dengan ajaran yang dibawa oleh Rasulullah shalallahu’alaihi wasalam ini (islam).

MERUGI Lah kalian yang memiliki kedua orang tua yang tidak paham Akan Agama ISLAM. Dan  kalian nya pun tidak mau belajar dan membantu kedua orang tua kalian untuk berIman. 

Tertipu Snadal Ajaib

Sudah hampir mendekati akhir bulan, namun kisah abu nawas belum memposting satupun tentang sosok Abunawas. Kiranya hampir terlupakan sob.
Namun pada akhirnya Kisah Abunawas hadir kembali dengan kisah-kisah lucunya.

Ada-ada saja ulah Abu nawas ini, tapi maksud dan tujuannya sebenarnya baikm yaitu menyadarkan orang-orang kaya yang sekampung dengannya agar selalu ingat kepada Alloh SWT. Agar mereka sadar dari perbuatan untuk memperkaya diri sendiri dengan cara apapun.

Nah, ide cemerlangnya kali ini adalah sebuah sandal ajaib.
Berkat sandal ajaib ini, akhirnya salah seorang diantara mereka bertobat kepada Allah SWT.

Berikut Kisahnya.
Kampung tempat tinggal Abu Nawas lama kelamaan membuatnya merasa tak nyaman karena saking banyaknya umat Islam yang menumpuk-numpuk harta dengan menghalalkan segala cara. Otomatis hal ini membuat Abu Nawas gusar, karena sebagai seorang ulama, Abu Nawas berfikir bahwa hal itu bertentangan dengan ajaran islam.

Untuk menghentikan perbuatan buruk tersebut, Abunawas memutar otak mencari ide yang tepat untuk menyadarkan banyak orang.
Setelah berpikir panjang, akhirnya ia menemukan ide cemerlang yaitu ide sandal ajaib. Dengan mengambil peralatan sederhana, berangkatlah ia ke pasar untuk gelar tikar menjual sandal-sandal.

"Sandal ajaib...sandal ajaib....sandal ajaib," kata Abunawas berkali-kali di pasar.
Sesaat kemudian muncullah salah seorang pemuda yang melihat-lihat barang dagangannya.
"Silahkan Tuan, mau mencari apa?" tanya Abunawas.
"Saya ingin mencari sandal yang bisa merubah hidupku yang miskin ini," jawab pemuda itu.
"Apa maksud Tuan?" tanya Abunawas lagi.
"Saya ini sudah lama hidup miskin dan ingin sekali kaya raya. Saya ingin membeli barang yang bisa memberikan saya keberuntungan," kata pemuda itu.

Sandal Ajaib.
Sejurus kemudian Abunawas menunjukkan salah satu sandal ajaibnya. Ia mengatakan bahwa sandal itu akan membikin penggunanya dari tak punya menjadi orang yang punya. Karena tertarik, pembeli itu akhirnya jadi juga membeli sandal ajaib itu dengan harga yang lumayan mahal.

Si pemuda langsung saja memakai sandal ajaib itu berkeliling kampung dengan harapan semoga keberuntungan segera berpihak kepadanya. Akan tetapi, harapannya tak kunjung terwujud. Jangankan keberuntungan, si pemuda malah dikira pencuri di kampung tersebut. Untung saja para warga tak sampai menghakiminya.

Karena merasa tertipu, pemuda itu kembali lagi menemui Abu Nawas untuk protes.
"Assalamu'alaikum..." sapa pemuda itu.
"Wa'alaiukm salam..., eh ternyata Tuan, bagaimana kabar Tuan?" tanya Abu Nawas.
"Kabar jelek. Aku selalu ditimpa kemalangan gara-gara sandal ini. Padahal dulu engkau mengatakan kalau sandal ini bisa mendatangkan keberuntungan, bisa menjadi kaya dan terkenal, tapi mana buktinya?" protes si pembeli.

"Seingat saya, saya tidak pernah mengatakan seperti itu Tuan?" sergah Abu Nawas.
"Saya hanya mengatakan bahwa bila Tuan pada mulanya orang yang tidak punya, maka dengan membeli sandal ini Tuan akan menjadi orang yang punya. Buktinya sekarang Tuan sudah memiliki sandal ajaib ini," kata Abu Nawas.

Pembeli Bertobat.
Begitu mendengar penuturan Abunawas, pemuda itu hanya bisa diam, ia menyadari bahwa dirinya sedang salah tafsir.
"Lalu mengapa engkau mengatakan bahwa sandal ini ajaib?" tanya pembeli.
"Karena merk sandal ini adalah ajaib, sandal ajaib," jawab Abunawas.

Akhirnya pemuda itu pergi begitu saja tanpa sepatah katapun.
"Tunggu Tuan, saya ingin mengatakan sesuatu kepada Tuan. Mungkin saja akan ada manfaatnya," kata Abu Nawas.

"Jangan percaya kepada barang ajaib, karena percaya pada sesuatu selain Allah SWT bisa membuat kita syirik dan akan mendapatkan kesusahan di dunia dan akhirat kelak. Buktinya sebagaimana yang Tuan alami ini, oleh karena itu, segeralah bertobat kepada Alloh SWT," kata Abu Nawas.

Mendengar penuturan Abu Nawas, sepertinya pemuda itu menyadari kesalahannya. Ternyata banyak sekali hal-hal yang bisa membawa kepada perbuatan yang dimurkai Allah SWT.
Mulai saat itulah ia bertobat kepada Allah SWT. 


sumber :

Lomba Mimpi di Bulan Ramadhan

Setiap bulan Ramadan, umat islam diwajibkan berpuasa, tak terkecuali Abu Nawas. Abunawas merupakan salah satu orang yang rajin berpuasa meskipun banyak teman-temannya yang tidak berpuasa di bulan tersebut.

Bagi temannya yang tidak berpuasa, mereka mencoba mengakali sehingga Abunawas tidak bisa berbuka puasa karenanya. Lewat kecerdikannya, akhirnya Abu Nawas berhasil makan.
Tuh kan Abu Nawas.


Pada siang di bulan Ramadan, Abunawas didatangi oleh dua orang temannya yang tidak berpuasa. Mereka bersekongkol untuk ngerjai Abu Nawas.
Tibalah mereka di depan pintu rumah Abu Nawas. Setelah mengucapkan salam, tanpa basa basi lagi mereka mengajak Abu Nawas ngabuburit (mengisi waktu untuk menunggi berbuka puasa.

Sampailah mereka di warung nasi, dan teman-temannya membeli nasi untuk dibungkus. Abu Nawas mengira kalau teman-temannya sangat menghormati orang yang berpuasa meski mereka tidak puasa karena temannya tidak makan di warung tersebut, namun di bawa pulang.

Waktu Berbuka Puasa.
Setelah itu, mereka pergi meninggalkan warung tersebut dan sampailah di rumah salah satu temannya. Begitu tiba berbuka puasa, Abu Nawas berkata,
"Wah, sudah waktunya berbuka."
"Minum saja dulu biar batal puasamu," kata temannya.
Abu Nawas pun segera minum dan selanjutnya menunggu. Teman mereka bilang,
"Silahkan shalat dulu, nanti ketinggalan shalat maghrib," kata salah satu temannya.

Abu Nawas pun kemudian mengambil air wudhu dan menjalankan shalat maghrib. Namun apa yang terjadi, setelah shalat maghrib pun Abu Nawas belum bisa makan nasi karena temannya menyuruh agar mengaji Al Qur'an terlebih dahulu.
"Mengajilah Al Qur'an terlebih dahulu, mumpung perutmu masih kosong. Nanti kalau sudah kenyang kamu mengantuk," kata teman Abu Nawas.

Abu Nawas merasa jengkel, seakan dikerjai oleh teman-temannya. Meski begitu Abu Nawas nurut dan mengaji Al Qur'an.
Setelah mengaji, Abu Nawas malah diajak lomba tidur. Siapa yang mimpinya paling indah maka dia berhak menyantap makanan.
"Abu Nawas, sekarang mari kita lomba tidur, esok pagi siapa yang mimpinya paling indah dia bisa makan makanan ini," kata salah seorang temannya.

Lomba Mimpi Indah.
Abu Nawas mulai sadar kalau dirinya dikerjai teman-temannya.
Lomba tidur tersebut disanggupi oleh Abu Nawas dengan perasaan marah.
Pada esok paginya, mereka bertiga bangun. Salah satu temannya bercerita,
"Aku semalam mimpi indah sekali, mimpi punya mobil mewah, rumah mewah, pesawat pribadi dan punya uang banyak sekali."
"Mimpimu indah, tapi egois sekali," kata teman yang satunya.

Kemudian teman yang satunya lagi mencerikan mimpinya.
"Aku semalam bermimpi bahwa negeriku ini tidak punya hutang, infrastrukturnya bagus sekali, jalan-jalan yang mulus, pelabuhan-pelabuhan lancar, ongkos transportasi murah, rakyat sejahtera hingga aku tidak bertemu orang yang berhak menerima zakat."
"Wah, mimpimu hebat," kata temannya.
"Sekarang coba ceritakan mimpimu wahai Abu Nawas."

Abu Nawas bercerita,
"Mimpiku biasa saja. Semalam aku bermimpi bertemu Nabi Daud as, Nabi yang gemar berpuasa. Beliau berpuasa sehari dan berbuka sehari begitu terus tiap waktu. Kemudian Nabi Daud as bertanya,
"Apakah engkau sudah berbuka wahai Abu Nawas?"
Saya jawab belum, kata Abu Nawas.
Kemudian Nabi Daud as menyuruh aku berbuka puasa dahulu. Kontan saja aku cekatan bangun, mengambil makanan yang sudah kalian belikan."

Mimpi Abu Nawas sangat disesali oelh kedua temannya.
Mereka kalah cerdik dengan akal Abu Nawas.
Niat untuk ngerjai, eh malah dikerjai Abu Nawas. 


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